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BF 50 BlueFan

For renovations and new build

The BF 50 is a 50-inch box fan – a perfect solution for both newly built houses and as a replacement in existing houses. You can use it in Tunnel houses and Combi-Tunnel houses for side mode and tunnel mode ventilation.

BF 50 combines a minimum energy consumption with a high airflow ratio. When used in combination with the Dynamic MultiStep control principle, you get the most energy-efficient ventilation system on the market.

The pressure-stable design enables the fans to run efficiently and ensures optimum livestock house conditions.

The BF 50 comprises thermoplastic and stainless steel – non-corrosive materials, made to withstand the harsh environment in a modern livestock house.

The fan is available with an air-controlled or motor-controlled shutter that closes tightly when not in use. The motor-controlled version ensures that the position of the shutter, even at a strong wind, remains in its correct position. It also enables the use of an emergency opening.

BF 50 is also available as a recirculation fan.


  • High performance at low energy consumption

  • Non-corrosive materials – no rust or need for frequent replacements

  • Pressure stable – no problem in windy areas

  • Airtight shutter and well-insulated – no draught or false air intake

  • Available in stepless (0-100%) variants and ON/OFF variants


Cone, mesh, light trap, insulation plate

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