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BF 55 BlueFan

High-performance wall fan

The BF 55 LPC wall fan is a high-performance, flange-mounted, corrosion-free wall fan suitable for all houses, requiring high air volume and high pressure stability.

It is used in Tunnel and Combi-Tunnel houses for side mode and tunnel mode ventilation.

BF 55 combines a minimum energy consumption with a high airflow ratio. Combined with the Dynamic MultiStep control principle, you will get the most energy-efficient ventilation system on the market.

The fan consists of thermoplastics and stainless steel, which withstands the harsh environment in a livestock house. The fan has a direct drive, meaning that the impeller is directly driven, and no adjustment and maintenance of belts are needed.

The shutter system ensures a uniform temperature at the fan end. It will save you costs for extra heating as no cold air will get into the house.


  • Low power consumption

  • No noise when the shutter opens

  • Easy to install and clean

  • Higher output - fewer fans needed

  • Long durability - plastic housing and plastic impellers

  • Plastic and stainless steel - no rust and corrosion


Safety mesh, light trap, insulation plate, outside cover

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