Blow heaters - indirect

Being an indirect-fired heater means that the combustion takes place in a separate combustion chamber.

The blow heater is connected to a snorkel that supplies fresh air to the combustion and a chimney that leads moisture and combustion gases out of the house. It reduces the requirement for ventilation and thus also reduces heat consumption considerably.

The blow heaters are available in three variants - natural gas, LPG/Propane, and oil.

Each blow heater has an independent burner controller. It controls and monitors that the burner works correctly regarding safety and output.


  • No additional moisture or CO2 in the house has to be removed by the ventilation

  • Optimized heat distribution by using the built-in fan

  • Reduces heat consumption considerably compared to direct-fired blow heaters

  • Efficient heating and drying of livestock houses after cleaning


Snorkel for fresh air, chimney for the outlet

Technical Information:

No additional moisture or CO2 in the house

Installation examples

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