Air Inlets

DA 10K/17K tunnel inlet

For Tunnel and Combi-Tunnel systems

The DA 10K and DA 17K tunnel inlets serve as air inlets in houses with Tunnel ventilation.
The tunnel inlets are well suited for light wall construction buildings as you can mount the inlets on an interior wall with screws through the flange.

The inlets are available both with highly insulated and semi-insulated inlet flaps. The inlet closes tightly and will resist heavy gusts of wind. In addition, the inlet has the advantage that the adjustable flaps can precisely control the inbound air jet.

The opening angle of the inlet is only 37cm when fully open, which makes the inlet particularly suitable for livestock houses with production in cage systems. In such livestock houses, there usually is only a little space for opening the inlet.

It is also possible to mount DA 17K on the outside of the house. The advantage of mounting the inlet outside is that there are no inlet components in the livestock house that can cause a nuisance to other equipment or during cleaning.


  • Uniquely suited for houses with less wall space clearance - layer cage production

  • Air direction control – optimum airflow

  • Available both with semi- and highly insulated flap

  • Airtight when closed

  • Can be used with emergency opening

  • Reduced building and fitting costs

  • Robust and easy to clean




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