Air Inlets

DA 3800 wall inlet

Providing fresh air to larger livestock houses

DA 3800 is a high-capacity wall inlet that combines correct minimum ventilation during cold periods with high performance and a good chill effect during hot periods.

The DA 3800, with Advanced Flow Control (optional without), maintains excellent pressure stability at all ventilation ranges. The air intake is less affected by external wind action, and the inlet provides the correct air volume and airflow without creating a draught among the animals.

Advanced Inlet Control opens the inlet during cold periods, which results in fewer but stronger air currents reaching the center of the livestock house.


  • High-capacity inlet – price-optimized inlet system

  • Excellent pressure stability at all ventilation levels

  • Uniform climate all over the house

  • Fully insulated – no condensation or ice formation

  • Operated by a pull rod – all inlets maintain the adjusted opening degree

  • Maintenance-free and long durability


Air direction baffle and mesh

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