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DA 600/820/920 chimney

Wide range of chimney solutions for all purposes

DA 600/820/920 is a series of robust and efficient exhaust units. The series of aerodynamic chimneys is developed for maximum air output at low energy consumption levels.

The chimneys are particularly robust under all weather conditions and have a very long service life.

The chimneys are custom-fit to the building and can be used on virtually any type of livestock house. They can be adjusted to fit the roof pitch of individual buildings, color, and placement.

LPC is a series of energy-efficient fans that are particularly suitable for ventilation of livestock houses and optimized to work with SKOV's ventilation systems and chimneys. The LPC fan has a high level of pressure stability, and it is less sensitive to wind.


  • Aerodynamic and optimized to the LPC fan

  • Maximum air output at low energy consumption

  • Robust under all weather conditions

  • Profiled roofing sheets – no need for sealing

  • Side or ridge-mounted – easily adapted to the roof


Drip trays, light bowls, and environmental modules

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