Production control

DOL 98S poultry scale

Automated broiler, breeder, and turkey weighing

  • DOL 98S-20 scale is a part of SKOV's production solution capable of weighing birds up to 20 kg. So is the DOL 98S-70 scale, but it can weigh birds up to 70 kg.

    The weight of the animals is recorded and transferred to a production controller. Data, such as animal weight, weight distribution, number of weighings, and gain, is continuously available in the production controller.

    The weighing platform is height-adjustable and easy to dismantle for cleaning.


    • Weighing data based on 24/7 365

    • Trustworthy weighing data based on a large number of weighings

    • Real-time data is always available for the management system

Technical Information:

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