DOL Wireless Grain Sensor CSS-TM

DOL Wireless Grain Sensor CSS-TM is a wireless sensor spear designed for grain monitoring to prevent damage of crops. The grain sensor accurately monitors the temperature and moisture of plan stored crops. It is portable and therefor easily moved to where it is needed.

The data from the sensor is displayed in the AgroLog App on your smartphone. The app sends notifications when critical thresholds are reached. Data is automatically updated every hour, but you can also make manual measurements when needed. The app has a subscription fee of 108 EUR per sensor spear for 3 years.

The spear comes with a replaceable 3.6V Lithium battery with +2 years battery life.


  • Accurate temperature and moisture measurements

  • Wireless and easy to move

  • Notifications when critical thresholds are reached

  • Works with multiple crops

  • Waterproof

  • No need for calibration