The Spiraflex finned tube heating system is based on the supply and circulation of hot water.

Using finned tubes to heat livestock houses, you get an efficient and quickly responding heating system, ensuring an optimal climate for the animals.

SKOV heating components are of very high quality and are well suited for a harsh livestock house environment.

The heat emission level of the Spiraflex tube is, per meter, much higher than the heat emission of a smooth tube.

The tubes are mounted below the air inlets. The positioning helps provide correct ventilation with optimum mixing of cold air from the outside and heated housing air so that the animals are not exposed to cold air downdraughts.


  • Spiraflex provides an optimum environment as the system does not add CO2 to the air

  • The system optimizes the air distribution at minimum ventilation – same good climate for all animals

  • Spiraflex finned tubes provide efficient and cost-effective heating of the air in the house

  • Fully welded finned tubes, which ensure a high, documented heat output

  • Easy to install with stainless splicing sleeves, and you do not need any special tools to do it

Technical Information:

Maintain high productivity during the cold periods

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