A simple system that cools the birds

In the world's tropical regions, the heat is constant; therefore, it is essential to lower the temperature in the livestock house. With SKOV's Tunnel ventilation, you ensure the correct temperature in the livestock house, despite the high temperatures outside.

In a Tunnel ventilation system, the air intake is located in the sides, or the house end at one end of the building. The air intake is lined with cooling pads. Different types of air intake are available, which you install in connection with pads or high-pressure cooling to cool down the incoming air.

At the opposite end of the tunnel opening, large gable fans create a cooling air current (chill effect) along the longitudinal direction of the livestock house. Depending on the air humidity, it is possible to lower the temperature perceived by the animals substantially.


  • Low initial costs

  • Perfect system for tropical regions due to high air velocity with chill effect and cooling control

  • A cost-effective way to cool down birds in a tropical climate

  • Advanced cooling control provides a stable climate

  • The system efficiently removes excess heat and undesirable gases


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